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The LearnIT Series

The LearnIT Series is a range of easy to understand, step-by-step guidebooks designed and written to help you get the most out of your PC and your chosen Microsoft software.  The LearnIT Series is designed to be used as self-study guides supporting individual learning.

The Series covers topics from introduction through to advanced and will enable you to:

  • Surf the Internet, create documents in Microsoft Word, presentations in PowerPoint, spreadsheets in Excel and databases in Access
  • Understand how to organise the files on your computer by learning about Microsoft Windows
  • Learn all you need to know to exploit the power of your PC

With the LearnIT Series you can: 

  • Work through any of the books at a speed that suits your level of experience
  • Study at a time that suits you
  • Move through the training material with ease because of its informal style and jargon-free language

Our Product Range includes:

Microsoft Office 2000 Software  
  • MS Access 2000
  • MS Excel 2000
  • MS Outlook 2000 
  • MS PowerPoint 2000
  • MS Word 2000
Microsoft Windows and Internet Explorer
  • Internet Explorer 5.0
  • Internet Explorer 4.0
  • MS Windows 2000
  • MS Windows 95/8
Microsoft Office 97 Software  
  • MS Access 97
  • MS Excel 97
  • MS PowerPoint 97
  • MS Word 97

To go to the site www.learnitbooks.com dedicated to the LearnIT study guide Series.

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